Complaints Can Be Leveraged To Improve Customer Experience

Merchants today are a savvy community. They have increased awareness of latest trends and customer preferences and this allows them to tailor their products and services to meet customer demands. However, in recent times, it has been observed that customers not only focus on products and services but the overall experience they have while dealing with a brand. This customer experience includes the entire spectrum of interactions forms customer inquiry to purchase to after-sales support.

Customer Experience Is Top Priority
The presence of online websites and social media platforms are one of the key reasons that businesses cannot afford to ignore customer experience. Today, users are very agile and waste no time in posting their reviews, feedback, and comments regarding any product or service on social media. It has been found in a recent survey that a majority of customers look at the reviews and feedback from other customers before making a decision to purchase your product. As one marketing executive puts it, your customers are your marketers in the online world.

When Things Go Wrong
Although businesses make every attempt to provide their customers the best of services, things could still go wrong sometimes. What really matters is how you react when the customer is not satisfied with his experience. This dissatisfaction might be voiced as a formal complaint or a simple comment on a social media platform such as facebook or twitter. What do you do now? It has been observed that top brands take every comment or complaint seriously. According to online payment processing platform Payza’s Firoz Patel, complaints are an opportunity for you to find gaps in your services and improve them.

Be Agile And Responsive
Payza has a support center that is dedicated to resolving user issues be they queries or complaints. Social media tools such as sentiment analysis are used to determine how customers are perceiving the platform’s services. A variety of analytical tools can be used to determine exactly when customer churn occurs. This information can be used to change the way services are offered or to add new features so that products and services are constantly being adapted to changing customer needs. And in today’s fast-paced digital world, customer needs do indeed change very quickly. A business that is not agile can no longer survive.

Do not forget, disruption is the buzz word today – be its Uber’s disruption of transportation or Amazon’s disruption of the retail business. Hence, it also helps to keep a tab on what your competitors are doing. Most importantly, you need to be innovative to remain ahead of your competition.


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