Firoz Patel Says Scams Can Impact Your Brand Safety

Online advertisements are now just as popular as traditional forms of advertisement. The revenue generated via online advertisements is so substantial that businesses can no longer ignore this medium to carry out promotional activities. In order to advertise online, businesses work with publishers. Advertisements are placed alongside other content on websites – this content could be videos or text or pictures.


Nowadays, programmatic advertising is used and it automates how and where your ads are placed online on a given website. This means that advertisers themselves have little control over the placement as it is being determined by a prebuilt algorithm. If your advertisement is placed next to popular content then it works well and can greatly improve the visibility for your brand. However, if the content is offensive or objectionable then this can seriously dent your brand’s reputation. Most visitors associate your brand with the content that it is placed alongside. According to Payza’s Firoz Patel, scams can further dent your brand’s reputation. If your advertisement is placed next to fake news this can be a big concern for your brand safety.

build your brand reputation
Image Courtesy: AdEspresso

It is difficult to build a brand’s reputation. It takes time, talent, money and patient hard work. Some companies spend a quarter of their budget on marketing online. With so much being invested, it is but natural that businesses cannot risk damage to their reputation because of bad ad placement. Firoz Patel adds that brand safety crisis is about loss of trust between the consumer and the brand. It is challenging to build trust and it the last thing that brands want to risk. A study confirms that consumers rethink buying a product if it appears with objectionable content. In such scenarios, Firoz Patel recommends that companies advertising online should opt for quality advertising alongside premium content on trusted websites to maintain brand safety.


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